How to increase Twitter Followers

How to gain Twitter followers

Social media has evolved over the years from being a platform to share and follow to now connecting and expanding- networks, audiences, businesses and brands. Twitter is among the top social networks that over 192 million users access all over the world on a daily basis.

Twitter has become the secret ingredient for many enterprises to connect with the biggest possible audiences. Social media marketing heads are always putting ideas together on how to gain followers on Twitter in order to expand their reach. To answer the question of how to grow Twitter followers is much more than simply making your brand look more popular. It makes it easier for potential customers to develop trust in the brand, helps to establish a niche within the industry. It shows customers, prospects, and even the competition that you’re a brand that means business. Besides that There are many social media tools for marketing that also follow the social media algorithms.


No matter how many followers an enterprise may gain on social media, it will all come to naught if they do not care about the business or if the idea does not resonate with them. Here are a few suggestions on how to gain more followers on Twitter. So that you can do best in Twitter marketing with your marketing strategies for Twitter.

1. Sharing of relevant and useful content to get Twitter followers

People visit Twitter to converse and consume content they are interested in. With so much competition in every industry, great content helps a brand stand out and is a sure shot way to get more followers on Twitter. To grow Twitter followers, the organizations need to ensure that the content appeals to the audience and adds value. Twitter has shared some tips on creating engaging content.

The differentiating factor between a good tweet and a bad tweet is value. People prefer content that is more informative or educational. This includes posting infographics, a how-to article, or content about current events and their coverage. Also there are different marketing strategies for twitter to understand the algorithm.

Other types of tweets include entertainment, interactive or promotional content. When people find value in the tweet, it will receive more engagement, and subsequently, the number of followers will increase.

2. Add visual content

Adding media can make tweets extremely attractive and is sure to engage a larger audience. Adding images, GIFs and videos can enhance the quality of the tweets. A lot more can be said through a visual post than through text because the character limit does not apply to visual posts on Twitter. 97% of visitors focus on visuals on Twitter.

3. Consistent and regular posts

It is necessary to have a regular rhythm of posting content so that the audience has something to look forward to. Consistency affects the reach and visibility of the brand to a huge extent. Tweeting during important seasons, for example, is important to ensure engagement going. Organizations tend to even lose followers if they are not posting consistently. The best way to implement a Twitter routine is to make a daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly routine for posts. Posts can be automated and scheduled for release at a preferred time and date.

Twitter is microblogging site. Bloggers normally prefers long contents good for SEO but in Twitter your tweets should be very small, and impactful.

4. Engage, engage, engage

One of the best ways to gain followers on Twitter is to consistently engage on the platform. When followers interact and share the brand’s content on Twitter, their followers see that engagement which sparks their curiosity. This entails-

– Engaging with existing followers (replying to mentions, comments and direct messages etc.)

 – Following competitors and retweeting influencers

             – Liking posts regularly

According to data from Sprout Social, 48 percent of social media users cite responsiveness as the one characteristic that prompts them to purchase from a brand or company. Engagement tells the Twitter algorithm that a particular account is active, which boosts brand visibility in the Twitter feed. Additionally, it gives followers something to stick around for while getting the brand name in front of people who already follow similar accounts.

5. Running follower campaigns

Along with growing followers organically, brands can gain Twitter followers by running a follower campaign. Short campaigns can be run to boost momentum, or always-on campaigns can also be run. Follower campaigns allow the promotion of the account to a target audience, and the payment is only made when someone becomes a follower after seeing the advertisement.

6. Completing the Twitter profile to attract more followers

If you want to maximize chances of being seen by potential new followers, it is vital to have an up-to-date profile. Not having one can be a turn-off and run counter to the agenda of gaining more followers on Twitter. An appealing and attractive profile is the first thing visitors will see, which will be crucial in deciding whether they choose to become followers or not. Add a high-quality profile photo, relevant tags and keywords, and a bit of personality.

We have also shared some tips on how to make a great Linked In Profile.

7. Pin the right tweet to the Twitter profile

Pinning a tweet is like putting a spotlight on that post, inviting the attention of anyone who visits the profile. A good pinned post gives new visitors something to look forward to. The brand’s latest promotion, best performing tweet or a popular content piece can be pinned. A pinned tweet gives a small opening to make a big impact on a large audience, thereby helping the brand to gain more followers on Twitter.

8. Add the Twitter profile link to email signatures

All outgoing content- newsletters, emails, business cards- should include the name of the Twitter handle. It increases visibility and catches more eyeballs than one may think. It is one of the indirect methods of getting more followers on Twitter.

9. Posting offers and deals

People follow Twitter handles to learn about new trends, sales deals and promotions. They desire freebies, exclusive content, and the best deals on the latest products. Tweeting about these increases the stickiness of the audience and is sure to attract newer visitors to the brand’s Twitter profile.

10. Retweet

Extending the longevity of the best-performing tweets is another way of catching more eyeballs. However, one should be careful not to do this in a spammy way. Retweeting is one of the most popular methods of gaining Twitter followers. Relevant, evergreen content already posted previously we can retweet with quirky hashtags.


Working on ways to get more followers on Twitter may seem time-consuming and require experimentation, but it is certainly worth it in the long run. Implementation of the right combination of the above ways will pay off in the future, impacting the brand awareness and reputation of the organization. There are different marketing strategy for applications.

We have also written a blog to share tips to organically increase your followers on Linked In. We hope you would go through them. And don’t forget to share your insights.

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