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How can SMS marketing boost your business?

As the digital world grows through technology, many companies are coming up with new and creative ways to personalize with their customers and improve their engagement. There have been great improvements in the field of digital marketing but there are companies that forget about a commonly used strategy which can still be very effective – SMS marketing. SMS marketing has existed since a very long time. SMS is a direct way to communicate with your customers and many are missing out on this.

It is not wise to believe that a huge investment is required for mobile marketing, and it does not allow you to personalize with the clients or customers. Almost every person has a mobile nowadays and it is very easy to use the mobile phone as a tool for marketing. This is why sending a personalized text message can be very effective. Digital Marketing companies like Digileap Marketing help companies leverage this tool to the fullest. This blog will explain how SMS marketing can be effective.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is the strategy where companies engage with their customers using SMS or short message service. Relevant information such as discounts, special events, etc are communicated to the customers through SMS. Brand Awareness can be built at a more personal level compared to social media marketing. You have to make sure that your customers first agree to receive messages from you. Bulk messages can be sent to a group of people, or the messages can even be customized for each person.

How to implement SMS Marketing?

The main role is played by a database which contains the names of customers, their phone numbers, email addresses, geographical location, etc. Such a database should be properly maintained. Once such a database is there with you, you can now start off with the game of SMS marketing.

Target a specific audience

The more specific your message is, the better effect it will have. Just like any ads on social media platforms target a specific age group with similar interests, the SMS marketing should be done in a similar manner. The connections will then be much more meaningful, and the audience will feel valued. They will then interact better.

Have a Plan

The SMS marketing should be a part of a bigger marketing campaign where it leads the customers to do something. It should also make plans to reach out to new customers. Most of the times, the person you are sending the message to does not know who you are. Your messages will most likely be considered as spam. This type of marketing is more effective when the audience is already familiar with your company’s products or services. The message can be receipt for a payment, or a delivery service update, or a discount announcement. It should not be unrelated to the customer.

Make sure you have Permission

It is not legal to randomly send text messages to customers without their permission. Asking their permission is very important. Once you have their permission, make sure the messages sent are relevant and valuable to them.

Setting Up SMS Marketing

Some companies use their own database for SMS marketing. Some may also opt for Bulk Marketing using third party services. There are many SMS message providers like Twilio, Trumpia, TrueDialog that handle data collection, legal issues, and also text messaging.

Regulation of SMS Marketing

The Federal Communications Commission

You should go through the guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission on transmission of messages and consent by customer. It is not as easy as it seems. It cannot be set up in a day or two.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects customers from receiving bulk messages. It has very specific rules on how messages should be sent in bulk. You have to obtain written consent from all the customers.

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association

The Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association provides helpful tips and guidelines about SMS marketing. The same level of legalities are not present as compared to those in FCC and TCPA.

Tips for SMS Marketing

Direct Marketing

Sending an SMS to a customer can be very useful as you can be almost certain that he or she will definitely give it a read. A significant number of people can be converted into paying customers using SMS along with email and social media marketing.

Use of Shortcodes

You can interact in a better manner with the customers by including shortcodes in your messages. The customer can simply type a specific word for an action. The customer then becomes familiar with the language used by the company and hence will engage better with you.

Integration with other channels

Other marketing channels can be combined with SMS marketing. It can be used to ask the person to check out your Instagram page. It can also be used to follow up with the person about an email sent hours ago.

Understand Customers Better

Surveys can be created and given out to customers through bulk messages. It can be very useful to avail feedback about a new product or feature. The results can be seen within a couple of minutes.

Messages should be precise

The text messages that the customers receive should be short and precise. The attention span of the customer while reading the message will not be much. If your messages are lengthy, the customers will not bother reading them. There is of course a limit of 160 characters in SMS messaging. It is advised to try and grab their attention with an attractive start. Add short details about discount voucher, special event, or new product or service. End the message by explaining how they can utilize what you are providing.

Do not send too many messages

It might be tempting to inform the customers about new discounts, schemes, products, services, etc. but thinking from the perspective of the customer, it is very annoying. Do not make the customer opt out from the SMS list. Plan the messages properly instead. Spend some time scheduling which message goes out at what time. Send the message only when necessary.

Provide Value

Make sure that the messages are relevant and are adding value to the customers. If a message gives a useful information along with a discount voucher or coupon, the customers will be eager to receive your message. They should feel very comfortable engaging with the text messages.

Messages should be sent at appropriate times

Sticking to business hours during sending out text messages is encouraged. The customers should have a clear idea about what they have signed up for. This will ensure that they do not want to opt out from the SMS list.

Unsubscribe Option should be offered

It is understandable that you do not want your customers to opt out from receiving your messages, but it should be easy for them to do so at the same time. That would make them more willing to sign up for receiving messages in the first place.


There are many things to keep in mind while using the SMS marketing strategy. Privacy and permission are very important things to be kept in minds along with the messages being short and attractive at the same time. SMS Marketing can be a very handy tool in the field of Digital Marketing and companies like Digileap Marketing are more than willing to help other companies utilize this tool to the utmost potential.

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