Buyer’s journey and its importance, importance of buyer's journey, importance of buyer

Buyer’s journey and its importance

When you hear the word buyer’s journey, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind?

Well, when I heard the term buyer’s journey for the first time, I thought that its related to the customer’s journey, but where is the customer going? Well now I know what the term means and today I will make you familiar with it too, in case you aren’t sure about the term buyer’s journey.

What is the buyer’s journey?

Buyer’s journey is a process where individuals realize their problem, then consider finding a solution for it by purchasing a product or service.

The period when the person acknowledges that they have a problem is called the ‘awareness stage’. The next stage is called the consideration stage, where the customer researches and educates himself about the products or solutions of the problem. Finally, they decide to buy or at least shortlist the products and services which fulfill their requirement.

This makes sure that the marketers reach out to their right audience at the right time. With the advancement in the tech world, determining a buyer’s journey has become so much easier.

The buyer just needs to type in a couple of keywords and he has his desired product or service right in front of him. Thus, the buyer’s journey has definitely grown and become easier.

Your customer’s buyer journey is essential knowledge for creating effective, targeted inbound marketing campaigns that deliver results. You need to start ‘thinking’ like your ideal customer since they are the only ones you are selling to.

Now let’s discuss why knowing the buyer’s journey is so important

As a marketer, you know that an excellent marketing strategy is when you market to the right people at the right time. So in order to know the right time and the audience. It’s essential that you understand who your target audience is, their pain points, challenges, what drives them, piecing all this information together may get you an idea of what a buyer’s journey looks like.

Following your audiences’’ behavior would make it easier for you to develop relevant marketing campaigns which would hit the right cord of the customers’ hearts. Knowing information about your audience will make your content resonate well with your audience. thus provide you a better reach and support from the audience. This makes you, as a brand, more trustable and reliable, hence pushing the customers towards the sales funnel.

The type and value of the product or service determines the length and the complexity of the buyer journey. Hence if the value of the product is huge then the buyer’s journey cannot be short. You have to keep this in mind while developing the buyer’s journey, that if the value of the product is not huge then the customer may not think twice before buying it. But if the value of the product is high then the customer may ask for multiple sittings so that he is satisfied and convinced to buy the product or service.

Regardless of the type and value it is essential that you determine a buyers journey so that you know what you are dealing with and what may or may not come across you in the future while dealing with customers.

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