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Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a small business owner who just started its e-commerce website or you are a full flashed company with a history of e-commerce, you need to market your brand on the digital platforms. Owning a digital front is a necessity at the moment. You need to market to the right audience at the right time to gain the desired results.

Ecommerce started back in 1969, shocking right? Well, it started back then, but it became popular in recent years, that is 1994 when Amazon and EBay came and changed the entire state of shopping.

In this digital world, it’s extremely important that you own a digital front. The simplest answer to having a digital front is by having an e-commerce site. An e-commerce site lets you have a digital platform where you can represent yourself and a place to showcase your products, so that the world knows about your brand. It also helps the customers to know that you are genuine and someone they might want to purchase or make a deal with.

Well, if you are interested in knowing how to make your existing e-commerce site amazing and interactive, stay tuned and read ahead.

Here are 5 strategies that will definitely help you have an amazing and interactive e-commerce site.

Speedy site

I think having a fast site is one of the essentials of owning an ecommerce site. Everyone is looking for answers on the internet. When one searches for a product or any sort of information, they are looking for a solution to their problem, but what if your site is creating another problem? No one has tons of time to wait for your website to unfold, thus your website should be super fast.

An ecommerce site is the entry to your world, thus you need to make it fast to navigate. People should not be offended with anything on your website. Make it clear and fast.

Why would someone open your content?

Someone opens your ecommerce site because they find something interesting that they can invest in. So it’s essential that your audience knows you produce so-n-so products so that they can buy it from you. People, when searching for a similar product, should land on your ecommerce site, not on your competitors’ site. How will this happen? By optimizing your content and the layout of the ecommerce site.

It’s important to test the layout, language and placements of conversions. You must make it easier for the user to see the subscriber option or ordering option. It should be clearly visible and the customer should not struggle to place an order. Instead, you need to encourage them to make a purchase.

You can also set up conversion funnel analysis and optimization tools.

Test these for a week and you will see the changes in your conversion rate.

Try influencer marketing

Ever heard of influencer marketing?

Well, influencer marketing is a way to communicate with the audience through another person who is famous or can connect well with the audience. Basically, a person who knows to manipulate the audience via posts, videos, etc. influencers have the power to convince the audience to buy or at least check out the ecommerce site. So investing in macro influencers when you are new to ecommerce would be a great option for you. But if you have the budget and can fulfill the influencer’s requirements, then go for bigger and top end influencers.

Pro tip: read more about influencer marketing on our website and have a better hold on the same.

Asking influencers to post and make content about your products, you can do this by sending them free products and asking them to advertise or have to draw a proper contract and manage it legally.

Whatever suits both the parties.

Customized emails

Reaching out to your audience on a personal level has become so easier since digital marketing has started. So it’s best to send out personalized emails which address the customers on a personal level so that they are compelled to check out the product or the ecommerce site at least. If they can’t buy, they should at least check out the page. Your email should hit the right personal chords of the customer.

Send out promotional codes specialized for them, seasonal sales or referral codes etc. make the emails exciting enough so that they have no option but to check out the products.

Also, always attach a signature at the end of the email, which acts as the contact information, this makes you and your brand much more accessible by the customers. People are much more comfortable when they can easily reach out to the brand.

Pay per click advertising

The basic mechanism of pay per click advertising is the ad, the offer and the landing page.

If you can master these three aspects of advertising, then your conversion rate would hike to the heights you always wanted.

All the above mentioned should be synchronized so that you can convert the audience into leads or prospect buyers. If your ad showcases something and does not deliver it then you may get a lot of shade. So make sure you stick to your words and don’t mess with your landing page.

The advertisements should have keywords so that people can view your ads more. More people view your ads and more conversions on your ecommerce site.


Your ecommerce site explains you and your brand, so make sure you say everything you think the customers may want. Keep testing the waters, keep making necessary changes. Be adjustable, follow trends or seasons. Don’t let the trends and seasons distract you from your subject.

I hope these strategies would have helped you in understanding how to grow your ecommerce site. In case you are still confused and would like some help, then contact us at Digileap marketing services and get the best of results.   

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