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10 best free and paid tools for digital marketing

If you are planning to develop a business or want to work in any marketing industry, you can’t do it until you don’t get familiar with digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the backbone of Marketing, to get success in Digital marketing we need to get a high rank in SERP (Search engine result page) and for that, we need to use tools that can help us in analyzing and optimizing our sites. This blog will surely help you know about 10 best free and paid tools for digital marketing.

Many marketers are running good businesses and capable to buy these tools, whereas some are new and can’t afford paid tools so Here is a list of the top 10 free and paid tools you can use for your digital marketing according to your wish.

  • Canva

This is the best tool for digital marketing, with time graphics matter and canva is used for graphics and visual marketing. This tool is used to analyze photo filters, make an image and manipulate text, and design and create background images.  The most amazing factor about this application is it can help you in dimensioning the image for social media. So you can use this tool for anything and can publish anywhere.     

  • Word press

It is the best free tool for digital marketing which is very easy to use and flexible. Even if you don’t have any idea about web development or web designing or don’t know how to code, you can use this website with no issue. This tool works for CMS or Content Management System and with a few advanced features, it can be used to manage an entire website.  One more profit of this tool is that it is user-friendly and can be used on mobile too.

  • Optin monster

This tool is best for email subscriber list building. Most of the word press bloggers prefer this tool and many owners of websites also prefer it. This tool has the power to convert and monetize your traffic which makes it the world’s most powerful conversing optimizing tool in the world and helps you in growing and boosting revenue. More than 70000 websites are using this tool now for optimizing their website with only three steps. 

  • Thrive cart

This is known as the world’s most authoritative and easiest cart tool which helps in boosting your revenue with elevated turning cart pages, associate campaigns, one-click sales funnels, and you are also permitted to keep an eye on your complete business easily. In this tool, you can utilize high-converting established cart templates. With this tool, you can even check if the templates are modified and optimized. This is why this tool helps you immediately perk up your conversions and amplify revenues.

  • Uber suggest

      It is used for keyword searches. The best part of this tool is it is one of the amazing SEO tools which are not paid at all. Applicable keywords are dangerous to one content. Uber suggests granting you concurrent data. All the data is combined from Google recommendations. Uber suggests can bring many long-tail keywords in an immediate. It gives consequences as per the country and language was chosen.

     It is a free digital marketing tool that points to parameters for example search volume, SEO complexity level, Cost per click, paid difficulty, etc.

  • Google keyword planner

This is a Google tool that helps you in searching and finding the extensive choice of keywords or keyword suggestions to get a good keyword performance. The best thing this tool thus for you is helping you in optimizing the search engine.

  • Alexa

In a world full of competitors and technologies, continuously investigating what you are doing in the competition of your opponents is critical. Many free digital marketing tools are there to help evaluate a competitor’s website too.

 Alexa is one such dominant competitor analysis tool which is established by Company. Tools like Alexa are some free digital marketing tools for competitor investigation give approaching such as into ranking, key phrases, advertising, authority, traffic, social media, technology.

  • SEMrush

One of the most popular tools for digital marketing is SEMrush and it can help you in analyzing Google both organic and paid search to assess your site also helps in keeping an eye on the competitors.  

  • Hello bar

This is a good tool to use for digital marketing where you can drive the public to an engagement page or can be used for managing notifications. This is one of the most used digital marketing tools nowadays. 

  • Rapprotive

It is an extension for the browser used for Gmail that shows you email-based social prosperous profiles.  This tool is helpful in knowing which profile or person gave away her/his email address and also in getting an idea of how or what people are talking about and to shape your conversation consequently.

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