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What are the benefits of online communities?

The online world is a vast space. It’s a place filled with many platforms, sites, people etc. the virtual world has become a marketplace, along with a place to talk, get to know more people.

But before the virtual world existed, what did we do?

We usually sat in the parks or on the lawns and talked to our friends and neighbors. Similarly, we still do the same, but with the tempering of the virtual world. In the online world, we have built communities where we share our thoughts, talk to different people and get to know a lot of things which interest us.

Before we proceed forward, let’s know what online communities are?

An online community is a platform on social media like LinkedIn, Quora or Facebook etc, where you share a space with the people who share the same interest as you. It can be an educational community, art community, dance community, meme community, etc.

There are a lot of benefits which online communities can bring with them. They can provide insights into customers’ preferences, likes, etc. they can help you increase customer retention and a lot more. So let’s discuss each.

Customer support and help communities

We are humans, and humans are often eager to help each other. So when someone asks questions or surveys about their products and services, then these communities come in handy.

Many times, customers ask questions about products and many others have the same doubts, but one question and answer is helping many more people. Thus, these support and help communities can help many people with the answers they are looking for. Articles and forums can help customers have a better understanding of products and even start trusting your brand.

There is another major benefit of the online support community, it lowers the funds that you thought you need to spend in maintaining a customer service department. But since things have shifted to online platforms, it becomes cost effective along with less labour.

Social collaboration

This is another benefit of online communities, it acts as a social collaboration. The reason a community is formed is that the people wish to share their thoughts, address problems. This is the reason internal communities become popular. However, if public communities are also managed properly, with the help of a leader and other management people then, these communities can bring in a lot of benefits as well.

Personal communities can bring in a lot of collaborations for your brand. The ones who have already joined the community, you can contact them and collaborate with them, as you may wish.


An online community can help you increase and build a reputation for your brand. The best thing about online communities is that, if people like your products and services, then they discuss and praise your products in the online world. This makes a good impression on people who are your prospect buyers. They also seem to trust your brand, since your brand has received many positive reviews.

While being in an online community, it’s essential that you let yourself open and be transparent in front of your audience. It’s important that you let them know about you, since it’s easier to build credibility with the help of your face, since people get to know that person behind the screen as well.

Trusted advisor

When you need to find an answer to something, the most instant thing you do is search it online with the keywords. Now the most relevant keywords or online communities end up on your search engine. Thus, online communities can serve as the trusted place to know the right answers by the customer. Customers prefer Quora as their most trusted online community, since there are many trusted people who answer the simplest of questions.  


So I hope this article helps you have a better understanding of online communities. Why and how are they beneficial for your brand? I hope now you start your own community or at least join a couple which interests your brand and develops connections. These connections can help you rise high if used correctly and smartly.

Answering questions and queries of the people may help you get recognized and thus have an online reputation.

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