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Digital Marketing Trends for Festive Season

With the upcoming festival season, businesses are worried about what new to bring in their marketing strategies this year because festive seasons bring profit and extra sales every year but unlike every year this year, normal strategies won’t work due to Covid-19 as most of the stores switch online in previous two year and even after returning to normal life users are not ready to return to stores due to fear of Pandemic. Don’t worry if you are one of the digital marketers, here we are to you with the latest trends this year. 

These are the top trends to apply for the festive season of 2021

  • Email marketing

 E-mail and SMS is always a convenient way to contact every customer, it has a wide reach. It is a very cost-efficient way to notify people way about what services you offer or provide. An email with a festive theme has the capacity to attract people’s attention for offers, promotions, or seasonal product lines. 

Another way by which you can get their attention is by sending them an e-mail with fascinating lines which are almost impossible to delete without reading it. 

  • Push notification 

Digital marketing keeps making changes; push notification is a new way to get connected to an audience and is getting popular. As it has five times more chances to get opened from emails. 

You can send users your personalized deals and discount on their Smartphone screens. And this is also why it is the quickest way to connect them because they keep working/using it. They can directly open it or shop from the app directly.

  • Social media promotions 

Social media is one of the most powerful tools nowadays. Your social media must be festive-themed and should be a treat to your customers. You should make sure that what you are posting should be attractive and useful to the customers so they click the link and increase engagement and sales. This will help the brand build relationship with their customer and get the brand’s faithfulness and support. 

  • Offers and Discount 

People wait for the festival season’s offers and discounts; they buy not only for themselves but also to gift others. Many times they buy more than they planned to at the festivals. So by offering them some promotional codes, discounts, free shipping or free gifts can help you in increasing the sales. 

  • Seasonal SEO 

Proper research is always important for website promotions. Various festival-related keywords will help a lot in increasing the ranks and help in understanding the demand of customers. No matter how good you offer or how amazing your website is but you will not good sales if consumers don’t know about it. To get the good attention of consumers, it is important to rank well and this also helps in getting amazing sales. 

  • Organize various Contest 

People like to interact; interactive content always helps in growing sales. And the best way to interact with them is by social media is by organizing Contests the contests help you encourage sales and get engagement on the brand page. Organizing a contest means showing care and connecting to them directly. For a large amount of audience, “contest” generally refers to winning prizes, and once you offer someone gifts, then who wants to leave gifts on festivals?.

By offering some gifts or hampers you can get a long-term audience and also they will help you in promotions by bringing more people to your brand as they want more gifts or even if they like your product. It’s completely worth investing little when you are getting a lifetime value and trust for your brands. 

  • Reels are the new master of Marketing

From the day Tiktok is banned, Reels are getting popular in many countries especially in the field of marketing or content marketing. Reels are cost-effective but they provide good reach or even in the double reach. You can use it as the best way to get good engagements for launching the festive offers or discounts on the reels and can track your engagements easily.

  • Google/ facebook ad campaign 

Ad campaigns are one of the amazing ways to bring the attention of the users quickly. Google and Facebook have a good audience base. Therefore, they provide amazing brand awareness, lead creation, and user conversion because they are visible on Google search pages and Facebook pages.

Festive seasons are always an amazing method to increase your sales, if you use an effective method of digital marketing it will for sure be profitable and helpful to you for more help or details in digital marketing visit our website on 

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