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Why contests and giveaways are an important part of Digital marketing strategy?

Maybe we are in the 21st century but the thing that is not changed or even not going to change is love for gifts, who don’t like free gifts. In the field of Digital Marketing, it is one of the most favorite ways to attract customers; giveaways and Contests are always helpful in launching new products or strategies.

In the field of Digital Marketing, which is receiving more inundated by the day with dissimilar brands working to endorse themselves, contests are a bright and inspired way to engage with viewers.

Although your brand may not collect The Price Is Right point of interest from customers, it definitely can use contest marketing to its advantage.

An efficient contest marketing policy can make brand awareness, endorse your products and services, do market research, and get fresh leads into your channel using social opposition.

What is Give Away Marketing?

To know giveaway marketing, you foremost must understand what marketing is. Marketing is all regarding selling, encouraging, and raising consciousness about their products or services to achieve additional leads and sales.

Giveaway marketing works in the same manner. The only dissimilarity is that marketers use giveaways or contests to allocate products or commodities to encourage your business. The gift you present acts as an encouragement for appealing to your target audience and lifting consciousness about your brand as an effect.

For example, reliance started their JIO services with a Giveaway of free sim cards but after a while when they start selling JIO services they became one of the most popular and best seller networks. 

Benefits of Give Away

Here are some reasons, how giveaway helps you in promoting and increasing your business 

  • With one vast giveaway or contest, you connect way extra viewers than you’d take on by organization a usual social media campaign.
  • Giveaway supports social distribution to a completely new level.
  • One of the main profits of contest marketing is that it provides you with Promotions.
  • Giveaways and contests act as enormous tools for efficient lead generation.
  • 33% of contest contestants don’t intelligence getting in order on an exacting brand.
  • An Instagram competition or giveaway has the possibility to amplify your followers 70% earlier in 3 months. 
  •  Contests are a huge tool for developing your fan base
  • Contests provide you a huge source of Data
  • Contests make customers do advertising for you.
  • You can add extra details such as
  • connect your email newssheet
  • chase you on social media
  • Create an assessment
  • And further details you want to know.

Different ways of Contests or Giveaways which you can use to get engagement.

These are the few ways by which you can use Contests or Giveaways to increase the engagements on the page 

Giveaways are a very easy contest marketing alternative where you just decide who to offer a free prize to, mostly during a casual technique of collection.

Quiz or Trivia contests present your viewers a chance to answer questions, have a small fun, and possibly win a reward. Public care for feeling elegant and talented, so make sure to offer a blend of the simple and solid query to truly connect clients.

Photo competitions support viewers to position theirs possess photos in arrange to go into a competition and are particularly influential in encouraging user-friendly content. 

These are the main profit of Contests and Giveaways. For knowing more about Digital marketing or For any help in Increasing your marketing, visit us on our website at

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