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How to build and improve digital footprint for startups?

When you first thought of the startup, you would have faced a lot of challenges. Making an idea into reality can be a challenge, but you have overcome that. Now you have a startup and are possibly looking for ways to market and get noticed in the world.

With the onset of the global pandemic, it has become far more difficult to market through traditional marketing styles. But the world would not stop and has not stopped, thus came in the digital marketing.

Digital marketing was present in the years even before the pandemic but, the popularity and usage of it has definitely increased since the last year. It’s highly recommended that your startup undergoes the transition of digitalization. The digital world is increasing day by day, so making a place for yourself is vital, soon it will be flooded.

Why is digital footprint or online presence necessary for startups?

Digital footprint is the online presence of a company. This is the online record of your company as well as you.

The online presence is not just about building a website or being present on social media platforms, it’s way more than that. Being available on the digital platforms is necessary since digital platforms don’t cost a lot. Having a startup I’m sure you are already tight on the budget. Thus, marketing through the traditional methods can be costly and suck up your funds. Along with this digital footprint, let you connect and know your audience beforehand so that you can design your campaigns or products accordingly.

Tip: There are a lot of benefits that digital marketing provides, read my articles and know more about the same.

Let’s see how you can improve your digital footprint…

Develop an ecommerce site or website:

Sales have increased to 30% since the launch of ecommerce. Thus, this means people prefer shopping online rather than walking in stores.

Your ecommerce site or website is the best way to reflect your business. It’s important that you showcase everything that your startup is about, what all services or products you sell. How your startup will benefit people and how it will make customers’ lives easier.

Ecommerce sites and websites increase your online presence, thus setting your foot right in the digital world. It even helps people to develop trust in your brand.

Google my business:

GMB or Google my business is the best way to increase your online presence. GMB is a platform where you register your startup and then when someone searches for relevant products or services, your startup is shown. It even shows the business on the Google map so that it’s easier for people to reach your store as well. But don’t worry if you don’t have a proper office, you can still sign up on GMB and use it for your benefit.

Set up your profile, optimize your content and you’ll be soon seen in the pack of three.

Read my article on GMB and understand all the benefits of it.

Besides, it’s free! Yes, I know, the lottery!!

Generate reviews and ratings:

Reviews and ratings are the most important. I repeat reviews and ratings are so important.

The people who have interacted with you and your products know you and thus trust you. Trust is everything, whether you are starting out or are already known in the market. Reviews and ratings are the social proof since people won’t be able to meet you and your staff. Thus, reviews and ratings help people to decide about purchasing or skipping.

Provide a CTA:

Call to action or CTA is a way to encourage your customers to contact you. Sometimes, while browsing through the website or ecommerce site, people find something interesting and thus wish to purchase. But people often get confused about how to order or how to contact the owner to call for a booking.

Thus, it’s essential that a clear and visible call to action is present on the very first page of your website or ecommerce site. CTA is directly connected with the psychology; people are encouraged to buy the product if, call now, or book today or a clear CTA is mentioned.

This reminds me of one more tip that you need to consider while developing an ecommerce site or website. Your site should be easy to navigate and not be confusing. It should attract people, yet be simple and easy to understand. It should not be off-putting, a concise website motivates people to browse more and possibly make a purchase.

Social media presence:

Drum roll! Social media the king is here.

Social media rules the digital world. I’m sure most of you would agree with me. Be it a kid or an old man, everyone is on social media. Either posting or following the faces they love in short influencers and celebrities. Thus, conquering social media is an important step. Most purchases are now made because of advertising on social media. Having your own page and posting consistently is not enough. You need to even use the ad campaigns so that you can reach a much broader audience by spending the bare minimum. Facebook ads and Instagram ads aren’t that expensive, you can give them a shot. In case you can’t, then you can try Google ads which are much cheaper.

Facebook ads and Instagram ads allow you to reach out to the targeted audience. But google ads let the interested audience search related products and in that your product or service may or may not appear in that recommendation.

Both have their own advantages, measure them and choose wisely.

Content marketing and SEO:

Content is everything. What you are reading right now is also content. Your content should be optimized according to the search engines. Our beloved search engine google provides rankings to content and images.

Optimizing your content for other search engines is vital since that’s how you end up on the first pages of searches. When you search for something, you usually find the answer on the first page. You don’t have to go to other pages to find the answer. So if you wish to be visible on the first page, it’s important that you optimize your content.

You can use some tools or even hire experts to optimize your content.

In the end,

These tips will help you set roots in the digital world. Improving your digital footprint is vital in this era of the digital world. There is no hard and fast rule in digital marketing. But these tips can help you achieve your digital goals and even amp your sales.

But remember, these strategies and tips are universal, not specifically drawn for your startup. Investing in a good digital marketing company will help you rise the ladder of the digital world.

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