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How to use Reddit for your business?

Marketers strongly believe that social media platforms are not about chatting, memes, staying connected to our friends or to even follow trends. It’s much more than that. Social media is an emerging marketplace. For most people, limit social media to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But these are the traditional social media methods. But they often forget about the underrated social platforms which are used worldwide but aren’t famous enough but are so useful. How Reddit can promote your business successfully.

Reddit is a social media platform, which is not that famous but yet at the same time is very useful if used appropriately. Reddit is not just for personal use but for businesses too. And trust me, it’s proven to be extremely useful for expanding businesses to digital platforms. It’s a platform which has different niches and your customers, too. So let’s know more about how to use Reddit for your business.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media and news aggregation website that ranks content based on a voting system. The content which is posted by people is ranked as either “upvote” or “downvote”. Most interesting topics or content are ranked higher and thus make it to the top of the rankings. The content usually includes links or even original content.

It’s a place where you can find like-minded people and Reddit has a name for all these groups that is Subreddits. These groups include different niches like politics, hobbies, interests and thousands of other topics. Since its launch in 2005, many have loved it and it has millions of active users. Though Reddit can’t compete with the market on Facebook, it’s still ranked higher than twitter.

It has a passionate and loyal community which businesses require for marketing. Thus, Reddit is a wise choice for businesses.

How to leverage Reddit for your business?

Before I get into how to use Reddit for your business, let’s discuss one policy that redditers strongly believe and follow: Self promotion is not allowed on Reddit. Damn! Thinking about how Reddit even works then, how does it even benefit businesses? Is Reddit even worth the trouble? Well, yes, it is!

So redditers are overprotective about the Subreddits they create. They don’t want some brand to come and use their community for the brand’s advantage, but then how will you promote your business? Like it’s said, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, promotion and marketing just doesn’t happen in a minute. It takes a lot of time and trust. Until and unless your audience trusts, you can’t market your brand to the audience and get the response you wish for. Now let’s get into how to market yourself?

Be a member:

What does “be a member” mean here? When you have already opened an account for your business on Reddit… Well, you need to be in a community, or Subreddit. You need to gain trust of the people who built that Subreddit. No one trusts a new brand when all you do is post about your brand. People need to know the face behind the brand, so interact with people on a personal level, not on the brand level. Be a genuine participant, interact-attract-market.

Monitor your give and take relation:

Planning is an important step in life, well it’s important even when you surf on Reddit. Make sure your give and take relation is planned. You should not be giving less and expecting to take more. The more you invest, the more you get, but there is a condition of time somewhere in there. Most of the Reddit communities expect you to give 80% and take 20%. This ratio changes with time and, of course, when your audience and community trust your brand.

Have your USP sorted:

Don’t generalize your content. Duplicate content is strictly not appreciated on a platform such as Reddit. You won’t succeed at marketing your brand on Reddit if you just dump your daily Facebook posts there, too. You can’t post the same content everywhere. Make changes and make the redditers believe that you genuinely care and that you are taking out the time to create content just for the Reddit audience.


As you must be aware, that engagement is the backbone of marketing, thus it’s a must. It’s important that you engage genuinely so that you get a genuine response as well. Show the redditers that you are in this for real and that you wish to grow. But don’t self promote a lot. It will get you into trouble. Try to become a valuable member of the community.  

Fakeness is out the door:

Getting fake followers for your brand is of no use. Redditers have seen it all and would boycott you from the Subreddits and trust me, you can’t afford to piss the members. Don’t pay people to upvote your brand posts, it will just damage your reputation. Reputation, once damaged, can’t be uplifted easily.


I hope you now know how to use Reddit for your business and leverage from it. Anyone can use these strategies to become a valuable member of Reddit society. It’s essential that you market yourself on Reddit. It’s a bidding platform which will help your brand in the future. Along with these strategies, if you need any help with digital marketing strategies and wish to get personalized strategies, call or visit Digileap marketing services and grow your brand digitally.

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