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Is WordPress the best platform for your small business?

 You must have come across people who love to write and thus have started their very own blogging websites. If you wish to be a blogger or are just searching for blogging platforms for your small business, then you must have come across WordPress.

WordPress was initially a blogging platform. With the advancement in digital marketing and everyone running to have a website, it updated its versions and now it’s even a website developer. You can make your own website or blog page, as you wish to be. Most individual bloggers have their WordPress website, which helps them reach their audience.

WordPress was best known as a blogging tool, but now it’s better to term it as a CMS (content management system). With an estimate of 68 million websites created with WordPress and 400 million visitors every month, it is a home to a lot of businesses.

But as a small business owner, you might wonder if WordPress is ideal for your small business or not? Or should you be ringing a professional developer?

To answer the first question, yes WordPress is the best for your small business. And no you don’t have to ring the professional developer, instead be your own website developer with WordPress.

WordPress provides a lot of customization and features to its users.

I know you want to cut the chase, so let’s dive in!

*By the end of the blog I am sure you’ll be convinced to have a WordPress website.*

Let’s start!!

Free! Free! Free!

Did you just read free? Yes, you did!

WordPress is completely free. You can download it for free and set it up for free too. As a small business owner, funds must be a hassle for you and seeking help from professional developers can easily eat up all your funds.

Hence, WordPress can help you with developing a website for your small business for free.

Open source platform

Anyone to everyone can see its code and thus make changes according to them. You can add functionalities you want for your website. If you have a bit of knowledge about coding, then you can expand and reuse the code however you may wish.

This feature is a real saver for small businesses since many times you want to add a feature on your website but because of the limitations you can’t. But know you can. You just need a little knowledge about codes and computers.

User-friendly interface

Many times people get offended and never return to a website when the website is not pleasant or is easy to navigate and use. But WordPress has an excellent user interface, which is easy to understand and use. If you belong to the technical world or not, you can still develop your own website by simply taking some basic decisions.

In case you are still struggling, then you can browse on WordPress since there are millions of blogs in WordPress which will help you understand how to develop your own page. Those blogs already have discussed all the issues that you may come across while developing in the blogs which are available. This makes it super easy to have your own website.

Themes are plenty

Everyone has a choice, and a vision of how their website should look like. WordPress provides a lot of themes from which you can choose the perfect and the most appealing theme for your small business.

The most crucial step in developing a website is how it would look. So make sure your website looks easy yet impactful so that it conveys everything you want to say.

You can even choose a pre-designed theme and use it. There are tons of options to choose from. They even have categorized themes based on niche and, of course, you can always customize according to your needs and appeal.

Because of these reasons, small businesses choose WordPress as they can find and use the design which exactly suits their brand.

Plugins for every feature

Plugins make it easier to change and add functions to your website. Even if you don’t know a single code language, then also you can easily change the codes, with the help of the plugins. Plugins are available for every feature. There are thousands of pre-installed plugins, but in case you want more options, then you can check CodeCanyon, Pippin’s Plugins and so on. 

They are easy to use and install, besides they add and functionality to your website.


Search engine optimization is necessary for every website. While building content for the website, you must keep SEO perspective in mind. WordPress is here for your rescue. WordPress websites are already optimized since the structure they follow is acknowledged by the search engines. But the journey of SEO doesn’t stop here. WordPress website is optimized, not the content, so make sure you optimize your content as well.

Secure and reliable

The internet world is full of pirates, thus it’s important to keep your website safe. So when you develop a website on WordPress, it takes care of all the security needs as well. They release regular updates and security patches, hence creating a safer environment for your website. Besides, you can even use plugins to increase security and if you search, you’ll get a lot of ideas to improve security in case you are not happy with the existing ones.  

Last words

Whether it’s a small business or a huge brand, a website is necessary for all. Thus, develop a website through WordPress and get the best customized website the way you want. All the factors mentioned above make it easier for you to blog on WordPress and hence make it the perfect website for blogging and owning a website. WordPress saves time, money and especially you don’t need a developer. So I would definitely say that yes, WordPress is for your small business.

I hope this blog has cleared all your doubts regarding WordPress as a blogging place and as a website developer.

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