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Top 10 websites for digital marketers

In this era of digital marketing, digital marketers are so important. They are the people who know what and how to use digital platforms for our benefit. But in this ever changing world of trends, it’s so difficult to keep up with the trends and keep the business up to date.

As a digital marketer, you must be always looking out for trends or information so that you can keep a track or update your business’s profile.

Hence, today I bring you the 10 wonders of the world. I know there are only 7 wonders, but I am not talking about those wonders. I am talking about the websites which will bring wonders to your world.


As a digital marketer, your goal is to keep up with trends and news… there is a website which provides you with all this information

Interesting… right?

Mashable keeps you updated about all the latest trends and other popular content which may help you gain some popularity. It is a multi- media platform, where podcasts, news, science, etc, are available.

Content marketing institute:

The name itself describes the websites.

The content marketing institute is a platform which offers complete online training, e-books, original research papers, tutorials and even blogs on how to market your business or brand.

They even offer free webinars and virtual events for marketers to understand the real meaning of marketing.


Which medium are you comfortable with? Is it podcasts, blogs, tutorial videos or guides… whatever it, maybe. Marketingprofs have it all!

You can understand everything about marketing from A to Z if you are on marketingprofs.

What do you like the most, theory or hands-on?

Well, if you are in for some hands on experience, then marketingprofs provides you that. You can practice search engine optimization and even measure your marketing abilities if you join the Marketingprofs University.

Neil Patel blog:

Want to learn the real essence of marketing from the expert?

If you said yes, then hop onto Neil Patel blog and understand the details of marketing from the expert.

Neil Patel blog generates 2 million visitors per month alone. His Marketing School podcast generates 650,000 listens per month. If this isn’t enough to prove you need to be on that website right now, then I don’t know what would convince you.

Understand the missing concepts of marketing from the marketer itself.


Well, this is not exactly a website, but it’s more like an information sender. You receive emails on the topics related to your industry (every day).

Everyone’s time is precious, thus Smartbrief is the best way to save time. Now you don’t have to read through dozens of pieces of information and select interesting news. Instead, you can simply subscribe to Smartbrief and get daily updates and summaries of the most important headlines of the day.


If you really wish to learn about online marketing and selling, then Copyblogger is the place for you. Read articles, blogs, videos, eBooks, webinars and even seminars on marketing strategies. Reading these would definitely help you understand the selling process and analytics of the online world.  

So what are you waiting for? Check it out!


Marketingsherpa has one of the strongest collections of data on marketing which every marketer should at least visit once. The data is available publically and if you are one of the proactive marketers, then Marketingsherpa is the place for you. It’s a must read, it offers intelligent marketing insights which aren’t available on any other platform.

Advertising age:

If your brand is a B2B company, or a digital marketing agency, then advertising age is the platform for you to explore all your advertising needs.

Whether you want to explore traditional marketing or advertising or even wish to have a better understanding of the B2B section, then you must go through the advertising age. It will help you understand every aspect of advertising, whether traditional or digital.  


Do you like the voting system? Well, if your answer is yes, then you must check out GrowthHackers.

GrowthHackers is a platform where your peers would vote for the best content, and you get to read only the most interesting and the best content. The smart community of marketers vote and then view the submitted content.


If you are struggling to keep up with the latest news, then Digiday is the site for you.

Digiday does a tremendous job of keeping a track and publishing the most breaking news, measured analysis on a range of digital marketing topics. Even if you just skim through the headlines, you have enough information to start a debate or a conversation on the same topics.

A must read for all the marketers who love to keep a track of news.


So these were the 10 top websites for digital marketers. These websites are a must read or visit. Know them and increase your knowledge. I hope this article helps you in the way you were looking for. I am sure these websites would bring in a better understanding of marketing and the digital world, so make sure you try them out at least once.

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