How to use a business Pinterest account for marketing and Brand growth

How to use a business Pinterest account for marketing and Brand growth

Think again if you believe Facebook and Twitter are the end-all and be-all social media marketing tools. Say hello to your new best friend: business Pinterest accounts. Repines account for 80% of Pinterest pins, indicating that this is a platform that values shareable content. A pin has a three-month average life, which is much longer than Facebook’s five to six-hour average and Twitter’s 15 to 20-minute average.

Pinterest offers a unique marketing platform for businesses of all sizes — as a visual search engine, Pinterest is ideal for exposing your brand to new potential customers. This is because Pinners use the platform to find inspiration. They are constantly inspired to try new things, learn new things, find great recipes, and make their next purchase.

What exactly is Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest marketing is a set of tactics that incorporate Pinterest into your company’s larger social media marketing strategy to reach new audiences and increase brand and product awareness.

According to Pinterest Business, social media marketers use the platform to: increase their online presence and reach a new audience.

This platform can be especially useful if your company caters to the same demographic that enjoys and uses Pinterest. Historically, the platform has drawn women and people looking to shop or start a new project. It is becoming increasingly popular among men and Gen Z-ers by 2021.

Pinterest is also popular among people looking for positive inspiration; it is not a platform for FOMO or heated debates.

Now that you understand what Pinterest marketing is, it is time to learn how to market your business on Pinterest.

8 Tips on how to use business Pinterest account:

1. Make a Pinterest marketing plan.

Start by developing a social media strategy for Pinterest, just as you would for any other social media channel — don’t just dive in.

Developing a Pinterest marketing strategy entails:

Setting SMART objectives like Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. In addition to gaining a Pinterest following, do you hope the platform will drive traffic to your website, increase sales of a specific product, or drive event sign-ups?

Discovering the general Pinterest audience and the demographic most likely to use this channel.

Discovering your brand’s Pinterest target audience.

Look at what your competitors are doing on this social media platform.

Creating a Pinterest content calendar and incorporating Pinterest-related content into it.

Once you have established a clear strategy, you can begin working toward your objectives.

2. Pin interesting and captivating content

Because Pinterest is a visual platform, effectively utilising it for business requires the creation of high-quality, engaging visual content to share.

3. Experiment with various Pin formats.

Pinterest is an image-sharing platform, but it’s more than that.

Change it up! Pin a video encouraging Pinners to shop at your e-commerce store, or try creating a carousel with multiple photos on a single Pin.

Even though 80% of Pinterest users discover a new brand or product, think beyond shopping and explicitly promoting your brand.

Pinners also use Pinterest for inspiration, with 85% of Pinners using the platform to start a new project. Consider posting how-to Pins or inspiration boards to provide your audience with entertaining and useful content.

4. Plan your boards carefully.

Because 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, your brand’s boards can help you reach new Pinners who are interested in specific topics or want to learn more about a specific topic.

Oreo’s boards, for example, include Pins with ideas for upcoming seasonal holidays, such as its Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board, as well as recipe ideas.

In other words, the brand expertly blends useful, engaging, and inspiring content boards with more promotional boards. However, the brand has other boards, such as the Earth Day board, which includes Pins that indirectly showcase the brand while demonstrating an understanding of what their audience values and supports.

5. SEO-Optimize Your Pins

Because Pinterest is a search engine, make sure your company’s Pins can be found quickly!You can alsoinclude highlight wrords in your Pin descriptions, boards, and hashtags.

Rich Pins, which are designed to pin new content from your company’s website while avoiding duplicate content, will benefit your brand’s Pinterest SEO as well.

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6. Experiment with various Pinterest ads.

Ads are one of the excellent strategies to sell your business on Pinterest. Pinterest advertisers can target advertising based on keywords, interests, location, age, and a variety of other metrics and categories.

Furthermore, precise audience targeting enables advertisers to target certain groups of Pinterest users, such as:

  • People who have viewed your website.
  • People who have interacted with your Pins.
  • People who have interacted with comparable material on the platform
  • A specialised list, for example, newsletter subscribers.

7. Keep track of the metrics

A triumphalist Pinterest marketing strategy is based on data. In other words, tracking, measuring, and analysing key Pinterest metrics and audience behaviour assists social media managers in determining which content performs best and which content is less engaging.

8. Make your Pinterest profile more visible.

  • Finally, let your other platforms’ loyal followers know you are active on Pinterest. Promote your Pinterest account:
  • Include a link to your Pinterest profile on your company’s website.
  • Include the URL in your email signature.
  • Promote your company’s Pinterest business account on its other social media channels.
  • Announce the new Pinterest profile in a company newsletter.

These were the top 8 ways for business Pinterest account to make your Pinterest business strategy bloom. Summing up points that you need to make a note of have a marketing plan, create quality content, experiment the pin formats, plan the boards carefully, do SEO optimize your pins, experiment with Pinterest ads as well, keep track of the metrics, and lastly make sure that your Pinterest profile is visible to the new and already existing audience. These top tips can help you ace this business with least efforts!

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