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Beginner’s guide to influencer marketing

As a business owner, gaining more visibility and engagement is your goal. Visibility is something no business owner wants to part ways with. Visibility and engagement are as important as breathing, since until and unless you don’t have visibility, you won’t be able to grow.

So now the question is how to increase visibility?

You must have tried all the old marketing methods and are probably getting visibility, but just not enough. You are looking for the boost which will genuinely help you get the desired results.

Well, the only answer to gaining more visibility and engagement is through influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing can help you reach an audience which would have never heard of you. It will help you get your products and services noticed by the untapped audience.

Influencers on the social media platforms are the leaders of the industry/ niche; they are the tastemakers and the trendsetters. They are the trusted ones, and let’s be honest positive reviews from a trusted source is all the customers are looking for.

Who are the influencers?

Individuals who have the power to sway their fans, followers, subscribers, and customers into buying, reviewing. I know they sound like celebrities, and trust me influencers are considered celebrities of the social media world.

Honestly, this is working. Influencers are the only people who are setting trends and people are blindly following them.

So now let’s understand what influencer marketing is and how to choose the right one for you?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencers are the celebrities of the online world, and influencer marketing revolves around the idea of brands building relationships with influencers and eventually asking them to promote their brand and content through their social media pages.

There are a variety of influencers on the social media platform, so how to choose the best suited influencer for your brand?

Here’s a list,

Ø Mega-influencers–1 million + followers

Ø Macro–influencers–500,000–1 million followers

Ø Mid-Tier Influencers–50,000–500,000 followers

Ø Micro-influencers–10,000–50,000 followers

Ø Nano-influencers–1,000–10,000 followers

Choosing influencers based on the number of followers is the best way, since more the number of followers more reach. Though you can’t assume that the large number of followers guarantee success, it all depends on the niche.

Find the right influencers

Social media is filled with fake ids, so it’s important that you choose an influencer with real followers and not fake followers. Another aspect that you must know is if the followers are bought or are genuine. Many times, in order to become influencers, people buy followers. These followers are silent followers and do not engage with their posts, but just are present.

You should even check if their engagement is high or not. If they have 50,000 followers but only 1000 likes, then their engagement rate is really low. Invest in influencers who are genuine and have an engagement on their socials.

Approach appropriately

While communicating with influencers or proposing your brand to them, you must keep these in mind:

Be short and sweet, don’t go around the bush, be straight, though yes, you must always appreciate their work and let them know if you follow them or not. You must even tell them why you follow them or what so special about them you approached them and no one else.

Be personal, always check out their profiles beforehand, write personal emails to them. While writing the email, make sure the subject line displays the purpose of writing.


No one would work for you until you return something to them. So thus offer them benefits and display how promoting your brand will help them. Offer them free products or giveaways and if they do like your product, then there is a chance they would promote your brand.


Influencers already have tons of emails and direct messages (dm) so yours might get lost. Hence, you could always send them follow up emails or messages, to confirm or be in their most recent.

Insert CTA

I always say this: a clear call to action can change your game. Therefore, it’s important while emailing influencers that you display a clear call to action. Basically, a way they can contact you.

For example, if they are interested in collaborating, then maybe a quick call to confirm or discuss further. Or reply to this email to know more, etc.

How to benefit influencer marketing in your business?

You could always ask influencers to:

  • Create blog, posts, videos, etc, that showcase and emphasize your products and services.
  • They could even promote your social media accounts on their profiles. This would help you increase your reach.
  • You could even ask if you can write a guest blog or a guest video for their YouTube channel.
  • You could even sponsor their videos or posts, so while posting they will advertise your brand too.

All these would help you gain followers (genuine ones) and even increase your reach. Since people follow their steps and thus it would help you gain more visibility and engagement. Probably even increase your sales.


So this is how you can use influencer marketing to your benefit. I hope his article cleared all your doubts regarding influencer marketing. Now you can choose the right influencer for your brand in seconds and even contact them easily. Influencer marketing can benefit your business a lot if used correctly.

If you are struggling with influencer marketing or digital marketing in general, then contact Digileap marketing services and get the best of marketing strategies.

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