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Best practices for online moderation

   If you are trying to run a good online community, it is important to be a good moderator for it who knows how to maintain orders, control conversations, keep them fresh and give members enough rights to feel free to say what they want. Your main focus is to make sure that everyone feels safe and your community has a healthy and friendly environment.  In this topic, we are going to talk about some best practices which can help you in running successful online moderation but before it, first have a look at what Online Moderation is. 

Online Community Moderation 

“Community moderation is the practice of handling comments or discussion from members/consumers on your community or platform. So they can connect with all terms and conditions or code of Conduct generally by a moderator”

There are a few best steps to follow to run successful online community moderations- 

  • Always Create a Code of Conduct 

People should feel safe and protected while sharing their thoughts in the community, there should be a written, downloadable copy of the rules of participation in the community which may include:

  • Clearly Mention the behavior you don’t want to see in the community 
  • Mention what kind of objects are not allowed to share in the community such as sensitive or illegal content
  • Define for what kind of people the community is
  • Always describe what kind of thing is not accepted in the group like as Commercials, improper posts, extreme self-promotion, hacking, spamming, etc. 
  • Provide them a guideline about how to handle complaints again each other 

Make a proper PDF and keep it easily accessible for the members and also remember that nobody likes to read an extremely long guidebook so keep it short (less than 500 words). And add it on the then official page of the community.

  • make a clear acceleration Path for Moderating

When you create rules, you have to make sure that members follow them but what if they don’t? Then the best thing you can do is keep third party strike rules to keep your community safe but before doing it you should follow this with steps-

  1. Educate them with rules 
  2. Warn them and Moderate 
  3. Take actions and remove
  • Be active 

When you are moderate, you need to be active because when you are not active you can’t support people or ask others to stay active. Also, you will miss the group member’s actions which will make it hard for you to manage your community. You must have a positive impact to be a moderator ad that is only when you are active and respond fast to people and help them when they are in need not when you are free.  

  • Follow the rules

Before asking others to follow rules, you have to follow them by yourself. Act mature and make sure there is no warning or bans on yourself, so that member found you deserving and respect what you say.

  • Create a healthy and respectful environment

When you are the moderate it is important to make sure your community has a healthy and respectful environment where people don’t get embarrassed or bullied.  Always treat people the way you will to be treated and make sure no one misbehaves with anyone and treats them with love and respect. 

  • Be equal for everyone 

No matter someone is your friend or family or someone you don’t know anyone personally respects them equally and makes sure they all follow rules equally. Even if they make any mistake and you have to take action against them it should be the same for everyone and also help them equally.  

  • Don’t be egoistic

The biggest mistake normally moderates do is stay rude and show ego to the members but if you act like this member of your commodity don’t like you and ignore talking to you or asking for your help.  

  • Don’t tell people’s mistakes in public 

Sometimes people feel embarrassed when you tell their mistake publicly, they may not feel respected. So to DM people for telling their mistakes is the more better and accurate move to keep your community’s atmosphere healthy and friendly  

  • Keep an eye on what’s going on 

To manage things it’s important to know what’s going on so always keeping an eye on what’s going on community or how a member doing is important for a good moderation of the online community. 

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