YouTube SEO for beginners

YouTube SEO for beginners

SEO is continuously growing, and hence you should have a top-notch SEO strategy for YouTube so that your videos can rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). Hence, optimizing your videos for search is very important to drive traffic and build a following. As we know Google uses backlinks and various factors for ranking, YouTube SEO is all about optimizing your metadata, channel, descriptions, videos, and playlists. So, YouTube videos can be optimized for search outside and inside YouTube. We already know about SEO basics for YouTube like tags, meta descriptions, and adding keywords in your titles. 

Let’s see some of the best ways for boosting SEO for YouTube:

1. For boosting your SEO:-

it is very much crucial to choose the most appropriate keyword for your video. Keywords are generally found in metadata, video titles, audio, transcripts, and captions. The keywords should correctly define the video that you will be posting, it should be words that are usually entered while searching for a specific video. You can find the correct keyword or phrase that people use through keyword research that can be done easily by the platform’s search option.

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2. Include closed captions: –

YouTube does provide an option of auto-generated subtitles but they are only 70% accurate which can cause you quite a loss from the user’s side and also from Google’s side as there is a little threat that your video can be labeled spam due to the auto-generated captions. This can lead to your YouTube channel dropping many ranks and you start to lose the game. The best solution is to hire professionals for video transcription for high-quality transcripts in a short period which can help you grow very easily.

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3. Add transcripts to your video: –

Adding transcripts can be a huge help to the users and can help you boost SEO instantly. You can easily put around 5,000 words in the description box of the video and even if somehow you are not able to fit the information you wanted to provide with the video then you pin a link in the description that will lead the viewers to the page where a transcript will be present.

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4. Add subtitles in multiple languages: –

As adding subtitles can help you draw viewers and their attention, adding subtitles in various languages can help you reach out to the non-English speaking audience as well. When you translate captions in various languages, the search engines index them and will include those videos in the search results in all those languages.

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5. Keyword-optimized titles, descriptions, and tags: –

YouTube titles and descriptions are one of the best practices for SEO boosting. Once you select an appropriate keyword, you can ensure about optimization of all the video texts.

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6. Mention your keyword target in the video: –

If you do not mention the keyword in the video then it will not appear in the transcript or caption. Try to add the keyword very naturally and thoughtfully in your YouTube video and do not overdo it in the transcript. 

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7. Use a captivating thumbnail: –

Attractive thumbnails easily attract a larger audience. A good-looking thumbnail can make a huge difference in click-through rates. Use high-quality ultra HD images that come with 16:9 ratios. Facial close-up images work best on the thumbnails. YouTube will provide you with 3 screenshots from the video and you can also select another image if you wish so.

8. Add YouTube cards and end screens: –

Pre-formatting notifications are known as YouTube cards. Using them in your videos will encourage the audience to take action while watching your videos. Once you set them up, these cards are provided in the top right corner of the video and are available for the users to click and explore. Since the main aim of YouTube is to keep people on the platform, the cards are one the best ways to increase your ranking. 

9. Focus on user engagement: –

How people react to your video is the most important metric of YouTube SEO. Therefore, it is very much important for you to keep your engagement high with the audience and encourage them to subscribe, like, share, and comment on your videos. To increase this engagement rate you can take some out and react to all the comments for maximum interaction and engagement.

10. Track your analytics: –

For SEO boosting you already know, that one of the most important factors is to track your progress and analytics just to ensure that your SEO strategy is working or not. It will help you understand where you are lacking and where you’re doing a great job. YouTube provides you with plenty of reports to track your progress, grow your audience, and help you improve your performance.


These were some of the most basic yet very important ways by which a beginner can boost and learn about YouTube SEO. Concluding, the takeaway point is you need to make high-quality content and nothing will matter. If you have good content, the audience will automatically find its way. Interact with your audience, make the content for viewers first and then for YouTube SEO, use appropriate keywords. Put captions in your videos, put transcripts in the description box. Use catchy thumbnails, add YouTube cards and end screens, and lastly track your progress and analytics. This is all you need to have a good YouTube channel with high SEO rankings.

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